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A Social Media Cinderella Story – Dog Edition

The below story is from Rose who helped bring Bane (formerly Chowder) to the USA from Lebanon.


I fell in love with “Chowder” instantly when I saw him on Facebook. He was described as a GSD puppy found next to a dumpster on the streets of Lebanon with one of his front paws chopped off and whiskers burnt from his face. I told everyone I knew about him that day, including my mother who said, "There is NO WAY you are getting another dog." I told her, "It’s your fault you never got me one growing up, now I am going to have two." And that was that. I scheduled my home visit with Wings of Love, Kuwait the next day and started a GoFundMe page to raise funds to bring “Chowder” over to the USA shortly thereafter.

We’ve been together for almost a year now. I picked “Chowder” up from the Dulles airport the day before Halloween and told him “Your name is Bane now . . . yes just like in Batman.” He proceeded to bite my face and hands . . . I guess that meant he was happy he wasn’t named after soup anymore.

With Bane, I gained 2 new friends. Bane was found by a young man in Lebanon named Youssef. We connected on Facebook prior to Bane’s arrival and have talked almost every day since. I snapchat him incessantly with updates on Bane’s every move and he keeps me updated on other dogs he has rescued, some who have come to the U.S. as well! I can not wait until Youssef visits the USA next year! It’s amazing how one dog has connected 2 people nearly halfway across the world from each other!

Bane has been through a lot, but you would never know it. He greets every person with incredible joy and happiness like they are his long-lost best friend. He has zero sense of personal space and has to be touching me at all times, often pushing me halfway off the bed in the middle of the night. Despite only having 3 legs, he loves nothing more than walks, trying to swim, and has even completed a 9 mile hike with me.

It’s a match made in the 21st century, social media-driven world we live in. I not only gained a beautiful, goofy, 3 legged soulmate, but also a life-long, wonderful friend in Lebanon.

Chowder when he was found in Lebanon

Living the good life!

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