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Age: 3-5 years

Gender: Female

Weight: ~50 lbs.

Breed: Arabian Village Dog

Adoption Fee: $500

Kids: Maybe

Dogs: Yes, needs time to acclimate to new dogs

Cats: Maybe

Location: Baltimore

Delightful Delila is a low-key girl with a quirky personality. She can be very tame and sloth-like at times but is ready to wrestle and play when the situation calls for it. She is very quiet unless someone is at the door or fence. She loves affection and wants to be near you most of the time. She isn't much of kisser but likes to pretend she's giving you kisses, while her mouth is still closed.


She growls at most new dogs off and on for a day or so. She needs some patience when introduced, and she responds well to "ah ah" and "no" when she talks rudely to new friends. If the other dog is not allowed to persistently bother her in the period where she adjusts to them, then she's all bluster and bravado.


She can be a bit sassy when it comes to doing what she wants. If she doesn't want to go somewhere or do something, you may need to pick her up and show her. Working with her on this will eventually allow you to lead her where you want to go, even if she doesn't agree.


She is overall a girl full of personality and would be great in a home with a dog that likes to play occasionally but is happy to do something else when Delila isn't up for it.


We would like to have Delilah adopted around the Baltimore area. She will come up to date on her shots, spayed, and microchipped. 


If you are interested in adopting her, please fill out an online application. We will then contact you to conduct a home visit and, once you are approved, a $100 deposit is required.

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