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Donate to Help Our Dogs with Serious Medical Needs!

          Gipsy is my beautiful rescue German Shepard who has ongoing medical expenses resulting from her sudden blindness. I am raising money to help pay for both her past and future expenses. Gipsy came to me via Wings of Love, Kuwait. When I first met Gipsy, I was amazed at her demeanor given all that she had been through. During her first week with me, she loved to run in the yard and roll in the grass, which apparently they don't have much of in Kuwait. However, during her second week with me she starting cringing when I would pet the side of her face. In retrospect, I think she was cringing because she was losing her peripheral vision and could not see me coming. She also started bumping into things. When I looked into her eyes, they were dilated and not constricting. I knew something was very wrong.


          Suddenly, Gipsy endeared herself to me in a way I never expected. I knew she was scared, as anyone who loses her sight must be. She wanted to by my side constantly and I knew she trusted me, because she would let me pick her up and carry her down the stairs to go outside. To actually watch this beautiful creature lose her sight in my care was heartbreaking.


       An animal ophthalmologist examined Gipsy and determined that she had lost her sight over a period of time due to Optical Neuritis, an inflammation of the optical nerve, but she did not know the cause. We started her on antibiotics for infection and steroids for the inflammation. These medications helped reduce the inflammation, but Gipsy's sight did not returned as anticipated. Our next course of action was give Gipsy a costly MRI to see if there were other issues involved in her loss of sight. At this time, we have a follow up appointment to find out the results of the MRI and to determine what to do next. Please help me fund Gipsy’s medical bills so we can help this beautiful girl see again.To save one dog may not change the world, but to save one dog will change that dog’s world forever.


Thank You,

Gipsy and Michael


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