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Frequently Asked Questions

If your questions cannot be answered here feel free to email us and questions comments of concerns you may have.


  • How much does it cost to adopt from Wings of Love, Kuwait

The adoption fee begins at $300 depending on size and breed of the dog. Due to transportation costs per dog starting at $2500, we hope understand this policy...


  • Where does the Adoption fee money go?

    • all proceeds go towards the $45 fee to fly dogs over from kuwait as well as providing for spay/neutering and vaccinations that happen overseas. we promise you all the funds go towards giving more dogs a seccond chance for a happier life!

  • does it cost money to foster a dog?

    • yes and no. there is no fostering fee but a foster visit Adoption and Foster Info to read about what it means to be a foster Parent.


  • are dogs legally allowed to be flown into the United States?

absolutely yes! it is only required all dogs are fixed and up to dates on shots to keave kuwait! we take care of that!


  • Why is the adoption process require two separate visits to my house?

it is very important to us that our dogs go to suitable environments. we want to ensure the house is safe and secure for a dog to live in. we also want to make sure the dog you want to adopt gets along with any existing pets.


  • how long does the adoption process take?

the entire process can take from 1 to 3 weeks depending on availability for house visits and how motivated you are to getting in touch with wings of love.



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