Age: 1.5 years

Gender: Male

Weight: 70 lbs.

Breed: Mixed Breed

Adoption Fee: $500

Kids: No 

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Maybe

Location: Baltimore

This handsome, loyal guy is Hudson, a mixed breed pup. Hudson recently completed formal training. His trainer writes: “Hudson has shown himself to be a wonderful dog. He walks like a gentleman on a leash and does not show any signs of reactivity towards other animals or any intense prey drive. However, he is very unsure of himself at times and his new owner will have to hold him accountable and not allow him to flee when he is scared. 


Hudson’s obedience is good; he knows sit, down, place, and heel. He seems to know that he is to hold his command until he is released or given something else to do. Thus far, Hudson has not engaged in any undesirable behaviors such as digging through the trash, jumping up on people, or chasing squirrels on walks.


Hudson can be nervous around new people and situations. His new owner will have to advocate for him by not forcing interactions with new people and by reading his signs when he is uncomfortable. If Hudson is made uncomfortable, the new owner will have to know to step in and end the interaction.  


We have been working on Hudson’s confidence through slow, controlled exposure to various environments and through general obedience training. He has taken "field trips" to outdoor restaurants and shops to help build his confidence. On those trips, people were not allowed to interact with, or pet him, thereby helping him build confidence that unknown humans are not a threat.  


Hudson would benefit from further confidence building activities and being held accountable for holding his commands. He will need an owner who is a strong leader that he can depend on, and look to, for guidance and security. An owner who gives him too much unearned affection and coddling will be detrimental to his confidence building, mental state, and ability to make good choices when he is nervous or afraid."


Hudson does well with other dogs and enjoys going on walks. He bonds easily with his person and is a very loving dog once he gets to know and trust you. 


We would like to have Hudson adopted around the Baltimore area. He will come up to date on his shots, neutered, and microchipped. If you are interested in adopting him, please fill out an online application. We will then contact you to conduct a home visit and, once you are approved, a $100 deposit is required.



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