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Age: ~2 years

Gender: Female

Weight: 45 lbs.

Breed: Saluki mix

Adoption Fee: $500

Kids: Yes

Dogs: Yes, Small- medium

Cats: Yes

Location: Baltimore

Ivy is a quiet, sweet girl that is fully house trained. She was a bit timid when she first came to live with her foster family, but she now plays happily with toys and their dog. She does well with adults, kids, cats, and dogs that are her size or smaller.


Ivy loves to meet new people, although she can be a bit shy at first. She is very friendly and greets people with tail wags, a little jumping, and nosing their hands to encourage pets. Her mom says she is a wonderful work-from-home companion, spending her time curled up in her bed and relaxing. 


Ivy is a great walking companion and loves to go on long walks. She does tend to pull on the leash when you first get going but she will stop with consistent corrections. Ivy ignores other dogs that calmly walk by her, but if they react and bark, Ivy will react to them. With gentle corrections and forward movement, Ivy quickly calms down. We would like for her new owner to continue to work with her on this issue. 


Ivy has shown some anxiety when she is outside and prefers to spend her time indoors. She has rain/storm anxiety and needs to be coaxed outside when there is even a hint of rain. During storms, she settles herself in her bed where she stays until the storm is over. We would like for her new owners to pursue ways to help her with this. 


Ivy currently lives with Lily, another dog, and sometimes grumbles when Lily eats. She does not get aggressive but may try to eat Lily’s food. If you tell her to stop, she will listen and wander off, with only a few complaints mumbled under her breath. If Ivy’s new owner has a dog, they should be watchful of this issue.

Overall, Ivy is a sensitive, smart dog that would love to find her forever home. We would like to have her adopted around the Baltimore area. She will come up to date on her shots, spayed, and microchipped.


Ivy also comes with a lot of supplies, including a large food storage container, tray for her food bowls, two bowls (one has a crack), a harness, several leashes, a crate, her own bed (which she loves), some toys, a dog nail trimmer (battery operated), brush, and some toiletries. 

If you are interested in adopting her, please fill out an online application. We will then contact you to conduct a home visit and, once you are approved, a $100 deposit is required.

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