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Thank you for visiting Wings of Love, Kuwait and considering one of our dogs for adoption. The adoption fee for each dog is posted on their bios. The adoption fees cover a small percentage of the total cost per dog; the majority of the medical and transportation costs (listed below) are paid for through donations.  


Wings of Love, Kuwait allows a trial period of one week (minimum) for families interested in  adopting one of our dogs. For these families, we require a $100, nonrefundable deposit. The deposit will be credited towards the final adoption fee if an adoption is finalized. All dogs that are adopted from our rescue are up-to-date on vaccinations** and microchipped. In addition, some of the dogs are spayed/neutered. For those dogs that have not yet been spayed/neutered, adopters will be responsible for all veterinary costs associated with the procedure. For a complete description about each dog, including whether it has been spayed/neutered, please read the dog's bio on our "Available Dogs" page or on our Facebook page.

*The cost of transporting a dog is dependent on the weight and size of the crate in which the dog is shipped. The adoption fee ranges depicted above represent an average, and actual fees may vary depending on the dog of interest.

**Dogs will be vaccinated for rabies (one year), DA2PP, and Leptospirosis.

Veterinary Costs (all amounts are in U.S. dollars)
Spay = $100.00

Neuter = $75.00

Yearly vaccinations = $72.00

Microchip = $36.00

Screw Worm Certificate = $29.00


Transportation Costs (all amounts are in U.S. dollars)

Costs of Crates (independent of airfare cost)
Extra large crate = $235.00

Large crate = $180.00

Medium crate = $145.00
Small crate = $62.00

Airfare via Cargo

Extra large crate cargo fee = $1,800.00 

Large crate cargo fee = $1,440.00

Medium crate cargo fee = $1,300.00

Small crate cargo fee = $720.00

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