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The Team in Kuwait

All the good work that our rescue has done would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of our rescuer in Kuwait, Marlene. She is the one who rescues the abandoned, sick, and unwanted dogs of Kuwait. She has opened up her heart and home to these animals and she is the small whisper of hope for them. Marlene, we thank you for everything that you are doing. This album is dedicated to you so that people can have a small window into your world and see the good work that is being done in Kuwait.


Meet Marlene, an amazing woman who has given her heart and soul to saving the abandoned and abused animals of Kuwait. 


Marlene was born in Lebanon. She moved to Kuwait 21 years ago. Initially, she took any type of job she could to make ends meet, and presently works in the construction business, building a “new” Kuwait.  After arriving in the country, she was devastated by the lack of respect that people have for all animals and by the huge number of dying and dead dogs that she saw. 


Fourteen years ago, she rescued her first Kuwaiti dog, Poutchy. Together, over the years, they tended to the care of hundreds of dogs living in the desert and trying to survive. She also worked tirelessly to find homes for dogs that their owners no longer wanted.


When Marlene first started taking in animals, she began by taking in street cats, and then rescued as many dogs as she could fit into her apartment. She decided that she wanted to offer more dogs a chance at life and room to run and play, so she moved into a home out in the desert with space where they could do that. 


Marlene currently has 100 dogs and over 70 cats, a horse, and other animals that were unable to survive the cruelties of the desert and the people. Over the years, Marlene has rescued and taken in goats, turtles, rabbits, and any other of “God’s creatures” that have needed her help.


Eight years ago, Marlene began a serious rescue effort and two-and-a-half years ago formed an organization called Touch of Hope. The mission statement of Touch of Hope is Mercy -“Be merciful on earth and God will be the same to you.” Since she formed Touch of Hope, she has found homes for over 300 dogs. Marlene is currently the only provider/rescuer of dogs for Wings of Love, Kuwait. 


Marlene says, “This is my calling and nothing is ever going to stop me from saving the lives of these animals.”


If you would like to help Marlene by donating to Touch of Hope, click here. If you would like to donate to Touch of Hope through PayPal, click here

On April 20, 2021, Marlene sent Wings of Love, Kuwait 19 dogs. Here is a brief two-part interview with her at the airport before the dogs' flight.

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